In our worship we value:

The Bible

We preach and teach the Bible only because we believe it is God’s own perfect Word. We want everyone to be clear about the central teaching of the Bible.


Through singing of hymns and songs. Our singing and music is a mix of traditional and more recent compositions. We want to praise God with reverence yet with exuberance.


We believe prayer is essential for a strong Church. In our worship, we give thanks to God for his daily kindness, and confidently ask for His help so we can do His work.


We believe the Church is encouraged when it hears how God has worked in a persons’ life, so we want to share our lives in Christ with one another.

Offering of Gifts

We want to honour God by giving according to our material wealth. While we know money is a sensitive subject, we encourage all to invest in the work of building this congregation and through it, God’s own Kingdom here in South Auckland.